Colorado Springs Filter Replacement Services

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Basic tasks like furnace filter replacement and AC filter replacement can have a big effect on the state of your HVAC system and the indoor comfort in your Colorado Springs, CO home. At Climate Solutions LLC, we offer furnace filter installation and AC filter installation services that will give you peace of mind all year long.

We also provide memorable customer service that includes same-day service, 24/7 emergency services, and flat-rate pricing that ensures you’ll never see added costs on your bill. When you need a fully licensed and insured HVAC expert to come in and take care of your furnace and AC filter replacement in Colorado Springs, one call is all it takes.

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Why Do I Need Regular Filter Replacement?

It’s easy to neglect or forget about your AC and furnace filters, but having them replaced on a consistent basis offers quite a few benefits. Here is what you can expect with regular filter replacement service:

  • Fewer repairs when you need your heating and cooling the most
  • Less dust and debris in your indoor air
  • Increased efficiency and lower monthly bills
  • Longer lifespan for your AC and heating system
  • Stronger airflow throughout your home

What is a Good Filter Replacement Schedule?

Once you agree with the ‘why’ part of AC and furnace filter replacement, you still need to understand the ‘when.’ Changing your filters when you feel like it isn’t going to make a difference, and at the same time, changing them too frequently won’t provide you with any benefit. Here are some guidelines that will help:

  • Every 6 months or so if you have no pets or no smokers in the house
  • Every 3 months if you live in an urban area with more outdoor pollution
  • Every 2 months if you have pets in the house
  • Once a month if you have pets and people with pet allergies
  • As needed when you need to use your HVAC a lot. Basically, if the filter looks dirty, then it’s time to change it

Is Professional Filter Replacement Really Necessary?

Professional heater filter replacement and air conditioner filter replacement are not necessities, and many homeowners use the DIY approach for this job. However, when you trust it to the pros at Climate Solutions LLC, you are guaranteed that it will never be late and that your HVAC system is running at its full potential all of the time.

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Don’t let changing the filters cause problems with your HVAC system. Let Climate Solutions LLC keep you on track. Just call (719) 454-8244 today for high-quality filter replacement services in the Colorado Springs, CO area.